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Born in Toronto in 1961, Thomas Faires is a multi-medium painter who approaches each painting as a way to visually tell a story. Although Thomas did not study art when he was young, he has always had an interest in art which he pursued through frequent visits to the Art Gallery of Ontario and countless smaller galleries in and around Toronto.


Eventually his interest developed into a desire to create his own art, evolving from wood carving, to drawing in pastels, and painting in acrylics, oils, and watercolours. Quickly turning into more than just an interest or hobby, and although he was in his forties, he was encouraged by his wife, Patrizia, a mosaic artist, to finally study art. In 2006 Thomas received his Certificate in Fine Art from George Brown College.


He studied books on artists and their techniques; he studied under Toronto-based artist; and explored the wide-ranging styles of many other artists from the old masters to contemporary painters.


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