New Paintings by Thomas Faires

Artist Self-portrait - Covid 19

Oil, 20" x 36", Not for sale


A first self-portrait done during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is a dark time for the planet, and combined with sociopolitical horrors and an economic downturn, people are struggling to survive. 

The pandemic has highlighted our true shortsightedness. We wear blinders to protect us from the daily onslaught of hideous acts of abuse by the powerful over the powerless. One individual thrives on pain and hate, while many sit displaying another aspect of human nature, apathy. 

Artist's Old Hat

Oil, 14" x 18", Not for sale


My second Analytical Cubist piece. It is my old hat. One I wore during my plein air excursions, out on a lake with friends, helping to look after our garden, or just relaxing on the deck in the summer. Eventually it got old and raggy, and although I bought a new one, I still like it, and the events that it marked during my life... so it gets its own painting.  

The Red Cup

Oil, 14" x 18", Not for sale


This was my first attempt at an Analytical Cubist piece. I have always been interested in this period of Picasso's career, so I studied cubism. Analytical cubism focuses on the perception of objects from many different perspectives, and the objects should be of importance to the artist... they should convey a narrative. The Cup object is special to me. It represents the calmness of the weekend morning and my time alone with Patrizia. We share coffee and talk. It is an important time, and this object grounds me to that time. Its perspectives have many different emotional connections for me.


Mosaic, 14.25" High, Not for sale


My inspiration for this piece was the ceramic art by Picasso. It took me a few years to complete this piece during a rather difficult period. Life has a way of seizing aspirations and future plans, and we all must do the right thing. My wife, Patrizia, was instrumental in helping me learn the art of mosaics, and for kicking me in the butt to make sure I got it done.

"The only thing that is constant is change." - Heraclitus

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