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Wow! Art Battle!

Wow! I’m making another appearance in the Art Battle painting challenge. On January 22nd, 2019, at the Great Hall (1087 Queen St West, full link below). I’ve been in a few other Art Battles and they are a blast. Loud music and lots of people! Everyone has fun! What a fantastic way to spend a Tuesday night. I can’t wait to get painting and to see what all the other amazing artists will paint!

It is very challenging. I’ve been stressing for a week now on what to paint. It’s a fun kind of stress as I try to stick to my philosophy of art and the narrative. I have a technique ready, but I’m still working on the narrative. Luckily I have a cold snowy weekend ahead to work out a something.

I’ll post another blog after the event with photos, plus I’ll talk about my other appearances. Pat will be there to back me up and take photos. Hope to see you there.


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