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The Blog Begins...

I decided after much deliberation to start an Art Blog. I considered many pros and cons when it comes to starting an Art Blog, or any blog for that matter. On the “pro” side, it should help me focus my artistic thoughts, something that has always been a problem for me. It will force me to get more involved in the Canadian art scene, and the Toronto art scene as well, which of course means letting my walls down and trying to socialize (not something I’ve ever been very good at doing). Finally, it should help with something I love doing, which is learning more about art, from composition, to technique, to materials, to business… for some reason, everything to do with art truly fascinates me.

On the “con” side, I might be afraid of the blog taking me away from creating. In truth, I have been struggling of late. When a full-time job, and the other forces of life, occupy your hours, my creativity has experienced frustration. I end up with spurts of creation, and not enough time to complete a painting, or even begin a new composition. Another “con” is fear. There are so many hate filled trolls in social media these days, I don’t know if my artistic insecurities can withstand someone bent on targeting me with their vitriol. Maybe I can develop a thicker skin, and ignore the “haters” (blocking will be my first line of defense). Will I be able to write enough material to actually maintain an active and “interesting” blog? I will try, I have lots of ideas right now. It’s time to make lists and start collecting information, and try my hand at a few interviews. Even if I write and post regularly, if nobody reads it, what will it do? Eventually, I can go on an extended hiatus, something I see many bloggers doing. Finally, am I too late to the party. Blogs have been going on for years now in the online world… are they passé?

If you’ve been keeping count, there are more cons than pros, but perhaps like a theory of gravity, the cons will generate an emergent phenomenon force of positivity and opportunities.

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