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Covid 19 Sucks

Well the title of my post is fairly self-explanatory. The pandemic and all the sociopolitical horror that's been playing out in the U.S. and around the world has made selling art difficult.

My desire to paint has not abated, but complications have temporarily suspended my ability to sell art. I am forced to put art on hold... and it aches me to my core.

I see inspiration all around. I have ideas and images pop into my head. I see vistas that beg to be on canvas... and narratives that will make a painting come alive. My hands almost shake with the anticipation of holding a brush as each idea embraces my very being.

The only silver lining is I am experimenting with some new techniques, even something I have never even seen on the internet. It's been fun trying something new, and it still contains a narrative.

Science will find a answer to a this virus. Hopefully, the answer will lead humans to a new and better world. In the mean time...

Don't underestimate this virus!

Be cautious!

Wear a mask!

Stay safe!

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