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2021 and Vaccinated and Hope

2021 didn't start well! We've had bad news and sadness, both in our personal lives and from overall global pandemic. But painting has been on my mind, I've just been unable to bring any ideas into focus. There is good news... I'm working on a mosaic sculpture for a mosaic show in August... fingers crossed!!!

We just need to get everyone vaccinated so we can get back to a more normal life. The faster we all get both shots, the better. I have had both my shots, but I'm still being careful around everyone. Go out and get your shot!

The show is being put on by the Ontario Mosaic Artists. It is called Andamento happening between August 24, 2021 and September 12, 2021 at the Leslie Grove Gallery. Hopefully we will have the show if all the numbers are good and we can open up again. Here is the link for the show.

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