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2020 is over! About F*#king Time!

Well I'm done with 2020. It has been a crap year for creativity. My brain has been preoccupied with surviving the pandemic.

My thoughts are also occupied with the thousands and perhaps millions that have died from Covid-19. We're just leaning now about the reclassification of deaths from Covid-19 in many jurisdictions in order to make the "leaders" look like they are doing a good job fighting the pandemic. The unnecessary loss of life will be seen as a great tragedy and crime in the future. Hopefully, we'll be brave enough to make those responsible pay for their acts of cruelty.

And we've all faced fear and problems in 2020. Each of us experiencing our own terrible events in 2020. We hopefully faced them and came through on the other side.


2021 is looking better. I've learned that if I can focus and stay on track I can get through the bad things. Sometimes it took a few days, but I can move on. I have new ART plans for 2021. I'm exploring two new disciplines, and I'm going to stay focused on two painting techniques I absolutely love. I am excited. Two are already underway.

Here's to everyone! Happy New Year! I hope it is a better one for everyone!

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